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A Pastor Driven By Success

" You can not succeed at anything, if  you do not attempt anything ." However when you attempt something, you open the door to ...

Thursday, March 26, 2020

No Matter The Cost

Where did the church go?
“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot, I would that thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth” Revelation 2:15,16.

"I can’t think of a more timely text, a more urgent subject matter and a more insightful approach to the challenges of today's New Testament church".

The Lord takes a negative approach to reveal a positive pathway for this church. I do not believe it is the Lord’s desire to spew out churches, but to warn the body of believers of the impending consequence of their lack of genuine faith.

A New Testament church has to impact the world, just as the first century church changed culture from; Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria to the ends of the earth. The first church body turned the world upside down with their message, with their lives, their commitments and their passion.

The problem of the Laodicean church was that they were more comfort-driven than eternity-driven. Today we live in comfortable and fun culture centered around pleasure. It’s hard not to get caught up in that. We have adopted this culture of ease and comfort into the church, and nothing seems out of the norm.

But what happens when Jesus, “spews thee out”? What happens when the comfort and ease of “doing church”, gets stripped away? Do we find and easier alternative or stop meeting and stop witnessing all together? God forbid!

When the Lord left his church he did not leave us helpless. He sent a comforter. But, what is the purpose of a comforter is it not to comfort? However, the Laodicean church needs no comforting for its culture is that of ease and comfort.  It is therefore a Spirit-quenched church that lacks a genuine faith. When the Lord takes away the comfort and ease of doing church, this church will lay as vomit ejected from the company of our Lord.

A Spirit-filled Church is an Eternity-driven Church. It’s a church who’s focus is the Lord, who is the chief cornerstone upon which its foundation lays. This church continues in the fellowship and the breaking of bread even in times of great peril and tribulation. Its goal is to pursue the mission of its Lord no matter the cost – a perpetual witness. You see when Jesus established his church he set it in motion – kinetic energy if you like. This kinetic force must continue until the Lord returns. But what must continue? The making of disciples. You see if that’s your focus, you do not need comfort or ease. All Jesus is saying to the Laodicean church is; repent and get back to making disciples. This is the energy that characterizes a Spirit led church. I hope this is the spirit that the Lord blows through you as the Lord sends us to make disciples of all nations. "No Matter the Cost".

Martin Chilando,
Missionary Evangelist

Pastor HBClusaka, Zambia

Saturday, August 13, 2016


I've had people ask me, "How do you start a church?" This is a question I asked myself while I worked on church staff. I even went online to see if anyone had any special system that works. I read up on guys that did all kinds of different things which were mostly of no use in the place God had called me to.
So I asked myself the question. “Why do we go into towns and countries to start churches?”  So many times we are guilty of making the great commission so complex when it is SIMPLE. GO – TEACH – BAPTIZE – TEACH. (Matthew 28:19-20).  

Here is – the How To.


DO NOT go in an area with plans to establish a church, this would be placing your desires to do only what Christ can do. GO with the desire to reach as many people as possible to Christ. Remember that Christ is the Builder, he said, “I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” If we give Him the building materials (converts), He will use them to build His local church. 

So we start churches in order to win as many people to Christ as possible. Everything else is a means to this END.


It’s not just about filling the Lord’s house Sunday morning. For what profit is it if we have great attendance but, not converts? Our desired purpose should be to bring the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ with the intent of making disciples -  John 15:8. As someone once said, “win all you can, as often as you can, and let God worry about whom will ‘stick’ in the local church He is using you to build”. 

Therefore, soul-winning and discipleship(church building) are inseparable.


Nothing can give you more confidence in what Christ can do through you, than having seen Him build something through you. If you have never started anything or helped your pastor grow a ministry in your church. You’re setting yourself up for failure and discouragement. Working hard in your church shows you have a character of loyalty, a desire to see a ministry through and ability to generate financial support through the offerings of those you reach. 

When you’re invaluable in your local church, God is ready to use you.


  • No great work is built overnight. So preach the Word, stick with it and you will succeed.
  • Every man is different. God will use you according to your potential. If all preachers were the same, people would not gravitate to them and what the ministry had to offer.
  • You can do more by staying put than you ever could, moving from place to place. There should never be a place that is, “back home”. Where God leads you must be HOME!

“Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do it all to the glory of God” 


Monday, July 25, 2016

A Pastor Driven By Success

"You can not succeed at anything, if  you do not attempt anything."

However when you attempt something, you open the door to failure. Therefore we conclude that success attracts failures.

What are the pitfalls, of being driven by success at the pulpit?

  1. Success attracts people of different persuasions.
  2. Success alters the principle that brought success.
  3. Success allows the different persuasion.
  4. Success acknowledges the people of different persuasion.
  5. Success acclimates to the people of different persuasion.
  6. Success accomplishes the goal of people and personalities of different persuasions.
  7. Success then becomes failure because of the failures our success attracted. 
  1. Don't let being popular or unpopular affect your position.
  2. Don't live for the present effects of your position, but the future effects.
  3. Don't trade Heaven's applause for Earth's applause.
  4. Don't lose your balance because of an offensive move by Satan in one area.
  5. Don't alter principle to keep people.
  6. Don't worry when people don't like your position, only when they don't like your disposition.
  7. Don't develop an isolation attitude but an insulation attitude toward those who change.
" I charge thee therefore before God, and Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears." 2 Timothy 4:1-3

To remain Biblical in ministry we must be driven by the Word of God.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ethnolinguistic Missions

I. What is this?
This is the understanding of how culture just as much as language has an influence on the reception of the gospel message around the world. This to help us understand how different ethnic groups receive the gospel message. All research information is changing rapidly. I recognize that there may be groups over 10,000 in population that have not been studied as well as "Christian Adherent" groups though some of these groups may need to be re-evangelized. However groups from cultural and nominal Christian backgrounds are included on the CPPI index found at www.peoplegroups.org. Profiles, additional data, and resources are available at www.joshuaproject.org.

II. This article focuses on ethnolinguistic UNENGAGED, Unreached People Groups.
I acknowledge that there are many unreached people groups that still need many more workers for the harvest. 

The purpose of this STUDY is bring our focus on those groups which have no KNOWN workers engaging in full-time evangelism and church planting. 
Also it is to discourage the "nesting syndrome" in modern missions. In today's day and age we should be more eager to strike out on our own (if the door is open) rather than cluster in the same place. Be it the Lord's will.

III. Where did this information come from?
This information is obtained from, the International Mission BoardJoshua Project, and the Center the Study of Global Christianity

The Matthew 24:14 passage says, that the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world for a witness unto all "nations".. and the Matthew 28 command of our Lord to, “make disciples of all nations.”  
I believe the first step to being obedient to that command is to encourage full-time workers to go to every group. Also to empower and equip those who are already on the ground to do more, since they are already cultured. Knowing the cultural ins and outs is a vital part of integration otherwise the gospel is simply your religion. 

IV. What is the progress on previously Unengaged People Groups

Many mission organizations and churches have prioritized the sending of workers to previously Unengaged People Groups. Here is a report of the outreach efforts since 2006.

598    - Groups engaged
18,000 - Full-time missionaries
51,000 - Bi-vocational and part-time workers
77,000 - Churches planted
2 Mil  - Estimated believers
453    - Ethnolinguistic Unengaged* Unreached People Groups

Many more workers are needed for these groups, but we praise God for His blessings thus far.

The Chilando Family www.martinchilando.com

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Ninety-nine percent of missionary effort and financial support goes to places where the churches are already present.
Shocking, isn't it? If we’re going to reach the world for Christ, we’d better start doing things a little differently.
I found this statistic on the website of the Issachar Initiative. It’s a coalition of people and organizations formed around the goal of seeing a world with zero people groups unreached with the gospel. One of Issachar’s main objectives is to use mission resources in a more informed, strategic manner.
To do this, many have begun looking to native missionaries, who are doing 95% of effective pioneer work among unreached peoples in the world today.
However as more research surfaces about native missionaries’ effectiveness, more and more "organizations" are using the nationals.
Sounds like a good thing, right? Well, there’s a problem with my above statement and it has to do with that word “using".
“Using” implies putting other people to work to carry out our objective, our vision. If we are to plant indigenous Churches that remain we have to rethink this method to "equipping". Ephesians 4:12 uses the word "Perfecting" which means "to fully equip".
“Equipping” is an entirely different ballgame. It involves teaching, evaluating, listening, entrusting, and assisting. That’s what we do in Zambia. And that’s why I love working here. We ask questions like “What is your vision and what do you need to fulfill it?” For were there is no vision the people perish. 
For example in Zambia, One of the men in the church told me that people won't come to church unless they know someone. So personal connection is more effective than cold call door knocking or print, and it proved to be true.
Unfortunately I have discovered a trend in our Churches in America. That is, the mentality that church planting is the same in the US as it is abroad. The opposite is true.
If you don’t live were they live and learn how they think, how would you know what methods are best to reach their people? When it comes to foreign missions one size simply does not fit all.
When it comes to the most important work on earth we should be more strategic. Less empire building and more mission focused. And for the missionary, Less using and more equipping

By Martin Chilando, Zambia
c. (Issachar initiative), (missions with home field advantage)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

How To Pray For Your Missionaries


  • The Missionary’s Church services and Bible studies
  • Vitality in prayer life and relationship with the Lord
  • Fresh empowering by the Holy Spirit 
  • Maturity and growth in grace, knowledge, and love of God
  • Victory over Satan, the flesh, and the world


  • The Missionary’s Physical and Emotional Life
  • Health and protection against illness and disease
  • Hedge of protection and atmosphere of peace around family and home
  • Safety, alertness, and protection while traveling
  • Victory over loneliness, depression, and discouragement


  • The Missionary’s Family
  • Husband and wife relationship (communication, quality time together)
  • Children (schooling, friends, protection)
  • Family devotional times
  • Relations with and examples to other families


  • The Missionary’s Ability to Communicate
  • Language study, continual improvement in fluency
  • Greater cultural adaptation and understanding
  • Insight into relevant redemptive analogies
  • Victory over discouragement and communication barriers


  • The Missionary’s Ministry
  • Anointing for teaching, preaching, witnessing, ministering to others
  • Boldness and open doors for ministry and sensitivity to God’s leading
  • Prepared hearts and favor with the people
  • Fruitfulness in work and sphere of ministry


  • The Missionary’s Relationship with Co-Workers
  • Co-workers on their local teams
  • National pastors, lay workers, and other missionaries
  • Christian witness to employees, shopkeepers, government officials
  • Home church mission team and support group


  • The Missionary’s Country of Service
  • National and local government stability and peace
  • Continued open doors for service and peace in the country
  • Favor with the government regarding necessary permits and visas
  • Open doors and souls saved

The Chilando Family  www.martinchilando.com

Friday, June 28, 2013

Missionary Resources "What I Know Is"

Low-Cost Shipping of Supplies, Aid, Medical, and Personal Goods for Missionaries

We offer an all-in-one service: purchasing, consolidation, and shipping by ocean and air to most Caribbean ports and airports. We particularly specialize in transportation solutions to Haiti, drawing on our 30 years of experience in that country. We can handle heavy loads.

Denton Program
Allows private U.S. citizens and organizations to use space available on U.S. military cargo planes to transport humanitarian goods, such as clothing, food, medical and educational supplies, and agricultural equipment and vehicles, to countries in need. The program is jointly administered by USAID, the Department of State (DOS), and the Department of Defense (DOD).

Home of Peace
Packing, cargo, and shipping services for missionaries for more than 100 years. Bed and Breakfast Guest Home for missionaries in transit. Near San Francisco, California. 1-510-531-4200   home@homeofpeace.com

Mercy Flight International
Discounts and speedy shipping by air for churches and mission agencies. Will ship personal effects, and relief, missionary, and medical supplies.

Missionary Expeditors, Inc.
A leading freight forwarder for individuals, especially for Christian missionaries, shipping personal effects and household goods overseas. For nearly five decades, we’ve specialized in cargo shipped "from anywhere to anywhere" for church and other humanitarian groups. Fully licensed and bonded international freight forwarder.

Mission Harvest America
We have an answer to your mission's logistics problems. We are experts in obtaining and moving material around the world for Christian and humanitarian aid. We are a 100% voluntary organization, our only goal is to serve God's plan to spread the gospel.

Modern Shipping, Inc.
Modern Shipping, Inc is committed to non-profit Missionary organizations with competitive low rate quotes via air, ocean economy, full container and less than container loads. Import and export services from and to the USA.

Sayva Trek Humanitarian Logistics UK
Specialising in providing NGO's, Charities and all relief organisations with logistical support from the UK and abroad. Air, Sea and Road freight. Emergency relief charters. Excess Baggage. Our network of agents throughout the World ensures your shipment is in the very best of hands.
The Shipping Advisor 1-800-737-7331

Stevens Worldwide
We are a freight forwarder with over 100 years of experience, internationally recognized as an industry leader. We specialize in worldwide shipments of relief goods and personal effects. Some of our customers are Global Health Ministries, SALFA, Books for Africa, PEN Trust, etc.

Ship printed material economically by boat (or air) to many countries using the US Postal Service M-BAG class, without customs problems. There are also economical M-BAG air shipment rates. See USPS Publication 51, under "M-Bags (Direct Sacks of Printed Matter to a Single Addressee)". See current rates at http://www.usps.gov.

These listings are provided as-is, with no warranty, explicit or implied. You must investigate any agency or organization that interests you to make sure that their services meet your needs. We cannot assure you that the organizations listed herein are as they advertise themselves to be, or that they will meet your expectations.

                                                            The Chilando Family www.martinchilando.com