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Thursday, November 21, 2013

How To Pray For Your Missionaries


  • The Missionary’s Church services and Bible studies
  • Vitality in prayer life and relationship with the Lord
  • Fresh empowering by the Holy Spirit 
  • Maturity and growth in grace, knowledge, and love of God
  • Victory over Satan, the flesh, and the world


  • The Missionary’s Physical and Emotional Life
  • Health and protection against illness and disease
  • Hedge of protection and atmosphere of peace around family and home
  • Safety, alertness, and protection while traveling
  • Victory over loneliness, depression, and discouragement


  • The Missionary’s Family
  • Husband and wife relationship (communication, quality time together)
  • Children (schooling, friends, protection)
  • Family devotional times
  • Relations with and examples to other families


  • The Missionary’s Ability to Communicate
  • Language study, continual improvement in fluency
  • Greater cultural adaptation and understanding
  • Insight into relevant redemptive analogies
  • Victory over discouragement and communication barriers


  • The Missionary’s Ministry
  • Anointing for teaching, preaching, witnessing, ministering to others
  • Boldness and open doors for ministry and sensitivity to God’s leading
  • Prepared hearts and favor with the people
  • Fruitfulness in work and sphere of ministry


  • The Missionary’s Relationship with Co-Workers
  • Co-workers on their local teams
  • National pastors, lay workers, and other missionaries
  • Christian witness to employees, shopkeepers, government officials
  • Home church mission team and support group


  • The Missionary’s Country of Service
  • National and local government stability and peace
  • Continued open doors for service and peace in the country
  • Favor with the government regarding necessary permits and visas
  • Open doors and souls saved

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